Firearms Training – No Gun? No Problem!

Ever want to find out in a safe, structured, and educationally sound environment, what all “the fuss” is about firearms? Our Training Academy focuses on just that – education – and it begins in the classroom.
We teach courses of all levels, including those that do not require live shooting. Sometimes we need to dip our toes in the water first, just to see what’s best for ourselves. If that’s you, let us know!
We offer comprehensive courses that are customized for any ability level from never handling a firearm to expert and advanced courses, and beyond. If you don’t own your own firearms and safety equipment, that’s ok! We can provide rentals that are suited to try out any class.
Not sure where to start? Just ask!
Marksmanship sports are family friendly and safe. Come find out how we can help you learn, train, or improve your skills at all levels! Check out our Course Schedule Here.